Name: Alexandria Hawkins
Nickname: Alex
Birthday: November 4th, Scorpio
Age: 18 Status: Single
Family: Mortals on Earth
Title: Guardian Favorite
Food: Cupcakes and Sushi
Favorite Color: Teal First
Appearance: Comic page 000

Alex was about to finally graduate high school, but after a unexplainable confrontation in the school cafeteria a week before finals, she learns getting into a great college might be the least of her worries. She learns the ancient gods are not just a thing of the past, demons really do exist and are now out to get her. She finds out that she is some reincarnated Guardian. which no one is willing to explain what that truly means. Oh and did I mention she now has "magical girl" powers An adventure she was not suspecting, more questions than answers, and with a pair of kitty ears and matching tail, she needs to piece the puzzles of the past together to quickly help unravel the threads of the future... Before someone else does first.



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