About me:

Alexandria Myers, Allie, was born in 1989. She currently lives in the northern part of Ohio. She has always had a passion for art and has been drawing since a young age. She chose to take a job helping people hear better by fitting hearing aids. Besides drawing, she has a passion for cooking, wines, and animals.


Why the cat ears?
  I have always had an affinity for animals and when I originally wrote this comic back in 2003 I was just getting into anime and nekos were something new and fun to draw.
So is the character Alex, you?
  Yes and no... When I was a child, my two best friends moved leaving me feeling lonely. So I drew myself in the comic to make myself some friends. Over time, the character evolved into her own personality. But by that time the story had evolved I couldn't change her name Alexandria, for plot reasons. In an attempt to distance myself from her more, I changed her original name, Allie, to Alex.
Can I or my character have a cameo in your
  Probably not. I had written a comic in the past called "Through the Wonderglass," which was nothing but cameos. I had to stop because some of those friendships fell through. This comic means so much to me I don't want to risk having to redraw it, again, or take it down. I may draw random short stories, where I might open up spots for cameos. If this happens I will announce it on twitter and my other social medias.
Since you won't put my character in your
comic would you draw them for me?
  I may sometimes open up for commissions to help with costs for the sites maintenance, or upgrading my tablet ect. If I open up I will post about it in my social media, all payments will be through PayPal.

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